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Demonic diversions

July 27, 2017

Tonight’s Bible study was about gluttony. We’re working through the book “Killjoys: the Seven Deadly Sins” which I would highly recommend.

Of course, most of the comments prior and during the Bible study had to do with filling the plate too full at the church potluck, or eating an extra brownie, or a second helping of mashed potatoes.

Those may indeed be problems that individuals need to address.

But the author pointed out that gluttony is really the worship of food. It’s not just overeating, though that could be one way that it is evidenced.

If gluttony is worship, then it is taking the place of God. When might that happen?

  • When we eat because we’re angry, and don’t go to God for forgiveness and restoration.
  • When we eat because we’re bored, instead of looking for God and God’s people to fill our time and minds.
  • When we eat because we want to impress people with our culinary expertise, rather than sharing the love of Christ with them.
  • When we don’t eat so that people will like our slender figure, instead of watching what we eat to improve our health and opportunities for service to others.
  • When we are dieting/picky/arrogant so that we can’t enjoy great times around the table with our friends, family and co-workers, encouraging them with what God is doing in our lives.
  • When we talk more about our recipes, diets, kitchen gadgets, cooking shows, and restaurants, than we talk about God.

That’s just a start. You probably can think of more.

The idea that gluttony is just overeating seems to be a demonic distraction. Hit us with guilt about putting gravy on our potatoes, so we don’t concentrate on our own hearts.

And then we make jokes about it.

What about those around us who really are struggling with food-related sins? Or any other addictive sins?

If we’re joking about going through the potluck line a second time, and that’s the biggest sin that we’ve got to talk about, (which it isn’t, by the way), then why would someone who is struggling with anorexia, pornography, alcohol, suicidal thoughts….even want to talk to us?

And isn’t that exactly where Satan loves to see the church? Laughing and joking about the wrong things, so that the church becomes useless in helping others with heart issues?


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