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I pity the fool!

May 16, 2018

How do you determine if something is foolish?

A 50 year-old man on his hands and knees and making animal sounds would be foolish. But if his two-year old grandson is riding on his back, it’s great fun. If he keeps doing it after the grandson has gone home, an intervention might be necessary.

To define foolishness, there has to be a standard. It’s not normal for a grown man to be on his hands and knees making animal sounds. Normal is walking on two feet and carrying on a conversation.

If it were a young child on his hands and knees making animal sounds, we wouldn’t think much of it. It’s a normal part of development. It’s a part of their play.

But as we get older, the definition of foolishness changes. We choose to act like others around us. We choose to blend in to a degree in order to be accepted. We make a decision to not respond to questions with a bark, or a whinny.

When we make friends, or get a new job, or get married, we choose to give up some activities. We decide that the friendship is more important than sitting at home watching TV, so we go out for supper. We choose to show up to work on time, because our job – and the paycheck – are more important than our leisure time. We commit to faithfulness to our spouse, because the relationship is more important than hanging with the guys, or chasing girls.

One of my favorite hymns is “My Jesus, I Love Thee.”

My Jesus, I love thee. I know thou art mine.

For thee all the follies of sin I resign.

The foolishness of sin is nothing compared to the love of Jesus. The more we love Him, the more we will give up the foolishness of sin.

Pick any sin. What are the advantages? Short-term gratification. Stroking your ego.

What if you chose to love Jesus, instead of giving into that temptation?

“I could do this, but since I love Jesus, I’m not going to. My relationship with Jesus is much more important to me than whatever pleasure or benefit this sin might bring.”

That’s resigning all the follies of sin for Jesus. As we mature in our love for Jesus, giving up those sins becomes easier. The love that Jesus has for us and the love that we can give to Him is so much greater than the short-lived benefit of sin.

Don’t be a fool. Choose love over sin.




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