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The Only Road to Happiness

January 19, 2019

Happiness seems to be a big selling point. Happy faces come from Happy Meals, right? But even in setting goals and planning a career, happiness seems to creep into the equation. When things go wrong, people are encouraged that they’ll find happiness again.

While there’s nothing wrong with being happy, should it be used as a standard for deciding between good and bad? Between obedience and disobedience? As long as it makes you happy, isn’t that enough?

Many are chasing happiness through sex – with anyone at any time.

Emotionally, promiscuity generates a mocking twist: pursuing intimacy through sexual transactions defeats the very thing most people say they’re after, which is someone to love and be loved by for a lifetime. Engaging in sex prior to marriage is closely connected to increased depression, sexual unfaithfulness, and marital disruption.  (Jeff Myers, The Secret Battle of Ideas about God, p. 55).

The footnote to the above quote gives sources, documenting the statement. Additionally, a source found that “sexually active girls are more than three times as likely to report depressive symptoms as those who abstain, and sexually active boys are more than twice as likely to report depressive symptoms. In fact, these two groups report a higher incidence of suicide attempts; boys, in particular, are at eight times the risk for a suicide attempt if they are sexually active.” (Myers, footnote 22, p. 210).

The connection makes sense. If you’re trying to find satisfaction in sex, trying to find a purpose for your life, trying to find love, you’ll be disappointed. The more frequent the disappointment, the more intense the despair. The media pounds into our minds that people who are happy have sex with that attractive person. People who aren’t having sex when and with whom they want aren’t happy.

The Bible teaches a consistent picture that sex can be satisfying, but only in the framework of marriage, one man and one woman. Read Song of Solomon if you’re in doubt. Any other attempts at finding happiness through sex are doomed to bring disappointment.


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