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It’s easier to not trust God

January 30, 2019

The children of Israel had seen some pretty amazing things. The Ten Plagues that decimated the economy and military of the greatest nation on earth at the time. The parting of the Red Sea. Food and water for 1.5 million people in the desert – every day for about a year. All from the hand of God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Yet when they stood at the border of the land which God had promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, they choose to not believe that God could keep His word (Numbers 13).

Twelve spies went into the Promised Land and reported of the great things that they had seen. Great crops. Great cities with great walls. Great big soldiers.

Ten said, “We can’t do it.” Two said, “God can do it.”

The people sided with the ten because it was easier. They did a risk assessment and realized the risk was too great. “They’ll eat us alive! We’re like little grasshoppers in their sight! Our children will die!”

The two said that all those things were true, but that God was the one who would deliver the land into their hands.

But it was easier to not trust God. Easier to just say, “No, God. That ain’t gonna work!” and turn back to the way things were. “Take us back to the safety of Egypt!”

How often do we do the same thing? We know that God’s Word promises a way of escape in temptation, yet we chase after our idols (1 Cor. 10:13-14). We know that God promises to meet our needs, but we choose to lie, cheat, steal, or overwork to make ends meet (Phil. 4:19).

Anytime we ignore the promises of God we are telling God, “No, God. That ain’t gonna work!”

The trouble is that it appears to be easier not to trust God. But when we realize who it is that is making the promises and asking us to trust Him, it really doesn’t make much sense to not trust Him.

Does it?


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